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Carol Tenopir

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Tenopir, C. (2005).  Communication Patterns of Engineers. Transportation Research Board.
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Tenopir, C. (2005).  The Role of Publishing in the Research Process. Joint Information Services Committee (JISC) Meeting.
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Tenopir, C. (2005).  What Scientists Really Need. American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting (AAAS).
Tenopir, C. (2005).  What We Know About User Behavior. Search Engines Conference.
Tenopir, C. (2004).  Knowing Journal Users, Methods for User Focused Research With a Case Study of Pediatricians. Charleston Serials Conference.
Tenopir, C., & Clarke M. T. (2004).  Knowing Journal Users: Methods for User-Focused Research and a Case Study of Pediatricians. 24th Annual Charleston Meeting.
Tenopir, C. (2004).  Measuring Impact and Value from a U.S. Perspective. U.K. Directors’ Forum.
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Tenopir, C. (2004).  A snapshot of Journals and their Alternatives. Charleston Serials Conference.
Tenopir, C., & Baker G. (2004).  Usage Statistics for Readers, Authors, and Collection Development Stakeholders. Online Usage Statistics: A Publisher's Guide.
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Tenopir, C. (2004).  User Behavior Across International and Disciplinary Boundaries. Fiesole Collection Development Retreat.
Tenopir, C. (2004).  Using Electronic Journals to Promote Information Worldwide. Latin America Conference on Electronic Publishing.
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Tenopir, C. (2003).  How Are Electronic Journals Changing Patterns of Journal Use?. 18th Annual NASIG Conference.
Tenopir, C. (2003).  How Scholars Value and Use Scholarly Digital Resources?. DigiLib Conference.