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Brummette, J., & Palenchar M. J. (2007).  University reputations and campus health education campaigns: Managing strategic stakeholder relationships.. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications..
Brown, K., White C., & Waymer D. (2011).  African-American Students' Perceptions of Public Relations Education and Practice: Implications for Minority Recruitment. AEJMC.
Brown, K., & White C. (2011).  Organization-Public Relationships and Crisis Response Strategies: Impact on Attribution of Responsibility. Journal of Public Relations Research. 23 (1), 75-92.
Brooks, A. M., Haley E., & Violanti M. T. (2009).  Out of the Mouths of Workers: Motivational Impacts as Described by Employees. National Communication Association.
Brooks, A. M., & Violanti M. T. (2005).  'Say what?': An exploration of teacher communication clarity and student motivation. annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Brennan, K., Kelly D., & Zhang Y. (2016).  Factor Analysis of a Search Self-Efficacy Scale. Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval.
Brennan, K., Kelly D., & Arguello J. (2014).  The Effect of Cognitive Abilities on Information Search for Tasks of Varying Levels of Complexity. Proceedings of the Information Interaction in Context Conference (IIiX). 165-174.
Braquet, D., & Mehra B. (2006).  Contextualizing Internet Use Practices of the Cyber-Queer: Empowering Information Realities in Everyday Life. 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science & Technology 2006: Information Realities: Shaping the Digital Future For All. 43,
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Boyce, P., Tenopir C., & King D. W. (2003).  Not All Users Are Alike: How do Age and Productivity Affect User Behavior?. 23rd Annual Charleston Conference. 237-243.
Boyce, P., King D. W., Montgomery C H., & Tenopir C. (2004).  How Electronic Journals are Changing Patterns of Use. The Serials Librarian. 46, 121-141.
Bowman, T., Freberg K., Hank C., & Kraft N. (2015).  Plunging the Perils and Pearls of a Social Classroom. SXSWedu.
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Stephens, C., Childers C. C., Avery E. J., & Stripling C. (2013).  Diffusion of Social Media Among County 4-H Programs in Tennessee. (Bowen, R.D.., Ed.).Journal of Agricultural Education.
Boster, F. J., Kotowski M. R., & Andrews K. R. (2006).  Identifying Influentials: Development of the Connector, Persuader, and Social Maven Scales. annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Boster, F. J., Fediuk T. A., & Kotowski M. R. (2001).  The Effectiveness of an Altruistic Appeal in the Presence and Absence of Favors. annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Boster, F. J., Hughes M., Kotowski M. R., Shaw A. S., Strom R. E., & Deatrick L. (2009).  Dump-and-Chase: The effectiveness of persistence as a sequential request compliance gaining strategy. Communication Studies. 60, 219-234.
Boster, F. J., Fediuk T. A., & Kotowski M. R. (2001).  The effectiveness of an altruistic appeal in the presence and absence of favors. Communication Monographs. 340-346.
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Boster, F. J., Baker C. R., Kingsley C., Kotowski M. R., Strom R. E., & Westerman D. (2005).  The Norm of Reciprocity: Simply a favor for a favor or also an eye for an eye?. annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Boster, F. J., Hughes M., Kotowski M. R., Strom R. E., Shaw A. S., Deatrick L., et al. (2005).  Dump-and-Chase: The effectiveness of persistence as a compliance-gaining strategy. annual meeting of the International Communication Association.
Bortz, P., & Wirth M. O. (1981).  Smart Management for Small Broadcasters. National Association of Broadcasters Annual Convention.
Bortee, D.., Bryant A.., Carter T.., Childers C. C., & Ryan E.. (2010).  Buy, buy, baby: Advertising to children and its ethical developmental, and health implications. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication.
Bloch, H., & Wirth M. O. (1989).  Concentration and the Price of Local Television Advertising Time. (Weiss, L., Ed.).Concentration and Price. 155-158.
Bloch, H., & Wirth M. O. (1981).  The Demand for Per-Channel Pay Cable Television. Southern Economic Association Annual Convention, Econometric Division.
Bloch, H., & Wirth M. O. (1984).  The Demand for Pay Services on Cable Television. Information Economics and Policy. 311- 332.
Blazek, R., & Bilal D. (1988).  Problems with OPAC: A case study of an academic research library. RQ. 28, 169-178..
Blakeman, R. (2012).  Strategic Uses of Alternative Media: Just the Essentials.
Blakeman, R. (2007).  Integrated marketing Communication: Creative Strategy from Idea to Implementation..
Blakeman, R. (2005).  Distance Learning the Left and Right of Curriculum Development. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management.
Blakeman, R. (2013).  Nontraditional Media Use in Marketing and Advertising.
Blakeman, R. (2008).  Joined at the Adversarial Hip: Understanding the Relationship Between Account Service and Creative. AAA Conference.
Blakeman, R. (2005).  Developing Online Curriculum Across Learning Styles. Southeastern InfORMS Conference.
Blakeman, R. (2014).  Integrated Marketing Communication: Creative Strategy from Idea to Implementation.
Blakeman, R. (2008).  The Bare Bones Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication.
Blakeman, R., & Hovland R. (2015).  Design Education in an International Context. 9th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Chicago, IL.
Blakeman, R., & Hovland R. (In Press).  Adapting the Visual and Verbal Message For Global Audiences, International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. The International Journal of Design Education.
Blakeman, R., & Hoy M G. (2005).  Concept with Character: Preparing New Creatives in Good Times and Bad,. Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.
Blakeman, R. (2011).  Advertising Campaign Design: Just the Essentials. Journal of Advertising Education. 16, pg.59.
Blakeman, R. (2007).  Advertising Educators’ Advice About Guest Speakers: Making the Most of Visits by Ad Professionals to Advertising Classrooms. AEJMC.
Blakeman, R. (2004).  The Bare Bones of Advertising Print Design.
Black, K., Mehra B., & Singh V. (2011).  Scope of Broadband Education and Deployment in Rural Libraries: Desperately-Seeking Partners in a Grant Proposal. Tennessee Libraries.
Black, K., Mehra B., Nolt J., Renfro N., Reynolds D., Simmons S., et al. (2011).  Partnerships and Collaborations in the IMLS-Funded Information Technology Rural Librarian Master’s Scholarship Program (Poster). 2011 Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference.
Biswas, T., & McMillan S. J. (2009).  Examining the Influence of Culture on the Gratifications Sought and Obtained from the Internet by Immigrants and Sojourns. Broadcast Education Associate Conference.
Bishop, B. Wade, Cadle A. W., & Grubesic T. H. (2015).  Job Analyses of Emerging Information Professions: A Survey Validation of the American Library Association's Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT) Core Competencies to Inform Geographic Information Librarianship (GIL) Curriculum. Library Quarterly.
Bishop, B. Wade, Haggerty K.. C., & Richardson B.E. (2015).  Usability of E-government mapping applications: Lessons learned from the U.S. National Atlas. International Journal of Cartography. 1(2), 272-282.
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Bishop, B. Wade, Grubesic T. H., & Prasertong S. (2013).  Digital Curation and the GeoWeb: An Emerging Role of Geographic Information Librarians (GILs). Journal of Map and Geography Libraries. 9(3), 296-312.
Bishop, A P., Mehra B., Bazzell I., & Smith C. (2000).  Socially Grounded User Studies in Digital Library Development. First Monday. 5,