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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Conference Paper
Dexter, H. R., Drew K. M., Drzewiecka J. A., Gayle B. M., Moon D. G., Reist S., et al. (1995).  Reconceptualization of identity and agency in communication theory. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T. (1995).  Reconceptualizing the ICA Communication Audit from a feminist standpoint perspective. Conference on Research in Gender and Communication.
Sheil, A., & Violanti M. T. (2008).  The role of brain dominance in the communication feedback process.. International Communication Association.
Brooks, A. M., & Violanti M. T. (2005).  'Say what?': An exploration of teacher communication clarity and student motivation. annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Binkley, L., Frey R., & Violanti M. T. (2007).  Sex communication between mothers and daughters. National Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T. (1997).  Situating sexually harassing messages within standpoints and symbolic interactions. annual meeting of the International Communication Association,.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2010).  Social media bookmarking services: Managing and sharing information from a centralized source. National Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T., & Brooks A. M. (2007).  Spiritual vitamins: An examination of health, wellness and spirituality. annual meeting of the Southern States Communication Association.
White, C., Nielsen A., & Valentini C. (2015).  Unfolding CSR Discourses in the Fashion Industry.. International Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T. (1992).  Using a constructed mind to study interpersonal processes in organizations. annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association.
Vanc, A. M., & Avery E. J. (2007).  Videostyle Analysis of Music and its Relationships with Sponsorship and Valence in the 2006 Tennessee Senate Race Advertising. National Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T. (2002).  A web of relationships: An examination of individual standpoints and organizational relationships in mentoring. annual meeting of the International Communication Association.
Marshall, R. K., & Violanti M. T. (2001).  Web-Assisted public speaking course. annual meeting of the International Communication Association.
Muldrew, T., & Violanti M. T. (2002).  You're in our world now: Sex and gaming styles in massive multiplayer online gaming. annual meeting of the International Communication Association.
Conference Proceedings
Mehra, B., Allard S., Cortez E. M., & Vigo-Cepeda L. (2009).  Developing an Intercultural Leadership Toolkit for LIS Education. LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group Pre-conference, Proceedings of the World Library and Information Congress: 75th International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) General Conference and Council.
Journal Article
Harmon, M., McClung S., & Varecka A. (2003).  Accuracy in Local Television News--Revisited: Are Things Any Different 25 Years Later?. Feedback. 44, 45-54.
Violanti, M. T. (1999).  An analysis of HCR's theoretical and methodological evolution. Human Communication Research. 25, 514-530.
Violanti, M. T. (1992).  Collaborative research: Seeking legitimation in scholarship. Women's Studies in Communication. 15, 65-89.
Zorn, T. E., & Violanti M. T. (1996).  Communication-related abilities and individual success in organizations: The moderating role of organizational values and sex. Management Communication Quarterly. 10, 139-167.
White, C., Vanc A. M., & Coman I. (2011).  Corporate Social Responsibility in Transitional Countries: Public Relations as a Component of Public Diplomacy in Romania. International Journal of Strategic Communication. 5(4), 1-12.
Tenopir, C., Wilson C., Vakkari P., Talja S., & King D. W. (2010).  Cross country comparison of scholarly e-reading patterns in Australia, Finland and the United States. Australian Academic & Research Libraries (AARL). 41(1), 26-41.
Vanc, A. M., & White C. (2011).  Cultural Perceptions of Public Relations Gender Roles in Romania. Public Relations Review. 37, 103-105.
Violanti, M. T. (1997).  Handbook of business and professional communication. McGraw Hil,
Violanti, M. T. (1996).  Hooked on expectations: An analysis of influence and relationships in the Tailhook Reports. Journal of Applied Communication Research. 24, 67-82.
Marshall, R. K., & Violanti M. T. (2005).  Individual conferencing and the Public Speaking Class. The Basic Communication Course Annual. 17, 188-217.
White, C., Vanc A. M., & Stafford G. (2010).  Internal Communication, Information Satisfaction and Sense of Community: The Effect of Personal Influence. Journal of Public Relations Research. 22(1), 65-84.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2013).  Managing and sharing H1N1 crisis information using social media bookmarking services. Public Relations Review. 39, 178- 184.
Zorn, T. E., & Violanti M. T. (1993).  Measuring leadership style: A review of leadership instruments for classroom use. Communication Education. 42, 70-78.
Michener, W. K., Allard S., Budden A., Cook R., Douglass K., Frame M., et al. (In Press).  Participatory Design of DataONE - Enabling Cyberinfrastructure for the Biological and Environmental Sciences. Ecological Informatics.
Bishop, B. Wade, & Veil S. (2013).  Public libraries as post crisis information hubs. Public Library Quarterly. 32(1), 33-45.
Violanti, M. T. (2000).  So you want to work together: Strengths and limitations of collaborative research. Communication Research Reports. 16, 377-385.
Veil, S., Buehner T., & Palenchar M. J. (2011).  A work-in-process literature review: Incorporating social media in risk and crisis communication. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. 19(2), 110-122.