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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2013).  Managing and sharing H1N1 crisis information using social media bookmarking services. Public Relations Review. 39, 178- 184.
Park, J., White C., & Lounsbury J. (2013).  Mapping and Measuring the Dimensions of Trust: Scale Development to Measure Trust in Organizations. International Communication Association.
Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Yang K. (2013).  The Mediating Role of Attitude Toward Values Advocacy Ads in Evaluating Issue Support Behavior and Purchase Intention. International Journal of Advertising. 32(2), 
Taylor, M., & Dolan T. (2013).  Mitigating media incitement to violence in Iraq: A locally driven approach. United States Institute for Peace.
Childers, C. C., Conway K., Hanley M., Menck L., Parker B., & Troutman M. (2013).  Mobile technology in the classroom: Teaching thorugh academia-industry partnerships. American Academy of Advertising.
Luther, C. A., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  ’More Trouble Than the Good Lord Ever Intended’: Representations of Interracial Marriage in U.S. News Magazines. Journal of Magazine & New Media Research. 14(1), 
Whiteside, E., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  Moving Toward Parity? Dominant Gender Ideology vs. Community Journalism in High School Basketball Coverage. Mass Communication and Society.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Mac to Kindle: Secrets and Lies of perfect formatting.
Pardo, T., & Potnis D. (2011).  Mapping the Evolution of e-Readiness Assessments. Transforming Government: People, Process, and Policy Journal. 5(4), 345-363.
Miller, J. D., Kotowski M. R., Comis R., Smith S. W., Silk K. J., Colaizzi D., et al. (2011).  Measuring Cancer Clinical Trial Understanding. Health Communication. 26, 82-93.
Taylor, M., & Abbott S. M. (2011).  Measuring Media Development: Roles for Media Development Organizations, Reserachers and Educators. International Association of Media and Communication Researchers (IAMCR).
Abbott, S. M., & Taylor M. (2011).  Measuring the impact of media assistance programs: Perspectives on research- practioner collaboration. Measures of press freedom and media contributions to development. 257- 270.
Gross, P., & Kenny T. (2011).  The Media Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe is Over; Long Live the Transformation. (Coman, M., Ed.).Models of, Models for Journalism and Communication. 11-19.
Van Kelegom, M. J., Kotowski M. R., & Levine K. J. (2011).  A Methodological Review of Imagined Interaction Research. National Communication Association.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  MicrosoftWord (PC) to Kindle: Secrets and lies of perfect formatting. 50.
Welch, C. (2010).  Making Connections: YAAN as a Paper Blog?. (Bonafield, B., Ed.).
Ickowitz, T., Primm C., Elliott S., Hocke T. M., & Palenchar M. J. (2010).  Manging narrative in the media: TVA ash spill crisis. Southern States Communication Association.
Smith, L. C., & Tenopir C. (2010).  Martha E. Williams: Pioneer Information Scientist and Online Industry Guru. Libraries & the Cultural Record. 45(2), 185-209.
Levine, T. R., & Kotowski M. R. (2010).  Measuring argumentativeness and verbal aggressiveness: Psychometric concerns and advances. (Avtgis, T. A., & Rancer A. S., Ed.).Arguments, Aggression, and Conflict: New directions in theory and research.
Bates, B. J., Allard S., Tenopir C., Birch W. B., & Mays R. (2010).  Measuring Comparative Value Through Conjoint Analysis: A Look at Journal Characteristics. 2nd Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2010).
Potnis, D. (2010).  Measuring e-Governance as an Innovation in the Public Sector. Government Information Quarterly. 27(1), 41-48.
Taylor, M. (2010).  Measuring PA Impact in Conflict Contexts.
Tenopir, C., King D. W., Mays R., Wu L., & Baer A. (2010).  Measuring Value and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries. Serials. 23(3), 182-190.
Palenchar, M. J. (2010).  Mobile Technologies Implemented in Risk Communication Practices and Disasters: Counter Improvised Explosive Devices. S4 Inc. for a project with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Taylor, M. (2010).  Monitoring and Evaluation in Media Research: How to Measure Impact Through Content Analysis.
Chen, C., & Kotowski M. R. (2009).  Mechanisms of norms, cost-benefit judgments, and drinking intention among college students.. National Communication Association.
Gross, P. (2009).  Media Models Beyond the Politics/Political Systems and Market/Economic Systems Constructions: The Cultural Underpinnings of Media Models. Beyond East and West: Two Decades of Media Transformation After the Fall of Communism Conference.
Roloff, M. E., & Wright C. N. (2009).  Message construction. (Eadie, W. F., Ed.).21st Century Communication: A reference handbook. 1, 101-109.
Lariscy, R. A., Avery E. J., Sweetser K. D., & Howes P. (2009).  Monitoring Public Opinion in Cyberspace: How Corporate Public Relations is Facing the Challenge. Public Relations Journal. 3 (4), 1-17.
Choi, Y. K., Kim J., & McMillan S. J. (2009).  Motivators for the intention to use mobile TV: a comparison of South Korean males and females. International Journal of Advertising. 28 (1),
Hendrickson, E. (2009).  Multiple entries: "Cosmetic surgery.""Early Death of.""Famous for being famous.". Star Struck: An Encyclopedia of Celebrity.
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Miller, J. D., Kotowski M. R., Comis R., Smith S. W., Silk K. J., & Colaizzi D. (2008).  Measuring Cancer Clinical Trial Understanding. International Communication Association.
Hillsman, T., & Kupritz V. W. (2008).  Measuring the impact of workplace design on training and development relative to other organizational factors.. International Environmental Design Research Association.
Gross, P., & Kenny T. (2008).  Media and Journalism in Central Asia. The systems, their affects and the influences shaping them. Problems of Post-Communism. 55 (5), 54-60.
Palenchar, M. J. (2008).  Media Frames Shaping an Organizational Issue or Crisis: Naval Sonar Use and Cetaccean Stranding Events. Southern States Communication Association 2008.
Wells, S., & Palenchar M. J. (2008).  Media Frames Shaping an Organizational Issue or Crisis: Naval Sonar Use and Cetacean Stranding Events. Southern States Communication Association (Best Paper, PR Division).
Lee, Y J., Kim S., & Haley E. (2008).  Media Framing in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Korea US Comparative Study. ICA.
Gross, P. (2008).  Media Systems in the Balkan States. (Donsback, W., Bryant J., & Craig R. T., Ed.).International Encyclopedia of Communication. 295-299.
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Singh, V. (2008).  Modes of Technical Support in Open Source Software - Peer to Peer Digital Knowledge Creation, Sharing and Re-Use. ASIST 2008.
McMillan, S. J., Hoy M G., Kim J., & McMahan C. (2008).  A Multifaceted Tool for a Complex Phenomenon: Coding Web-based Interactivity as Technologies for Interaction Evolve. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 13 (4),
Avery, E. J. (2008).  Murray Edelman. (Kaid, L. L., & Holtz-Bacha C., Ed.).The Encyclopedia of Political Communication.