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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Geidner, N., & Stamm J. (2018).  The Effects of Second Screening on Viewers’ Attitudes Towards Television Shows. presented at the annual conference for the Broadcast Education Association conference (BEA).
Lee, J., & Haley E. (2014).  The Effects of Persuasion Knowledge on Consumer Responses to Green Advertising: Focus on Skepticism as Moderator. American Academy of Advertising.
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2014).  "Engagement as theory, strategy, and practice: Communication, interaction and connection".
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Engaging for change: Exploring social media in social change. International Communication Association (ICA).
Taylor, M. (2014).  Engaging for change: Exploring social media in social change. International Communication Association (ICA).
Taylor, M. (2014).  Ethical Convergence, Divergence or Evolution? An Examination of Public Relations and Journalism Codes of Ethics. National Communication Association (NCA).
Sohn, H., Jin B., & Cho M. (2014).  Examination of influential factors of tablet PC use: An application of theory of pllaned behavior and technology acceptance model. Journal of Communication Science. 24(4), 
Avery, E. J., Graham M., & Park S. (2014).  Exploring Crisis Type and Effects of Planning, Magnitude, and Citizen Satisfaction on Local Government Officials' Evaluations of Crisis Management . International Communication Association.
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "Extending social media theory: Our past provides a pathway to the future" .
Lee, T., Yun T. Woong, & Haley E. (2013).  Effects of Mutual fund Advertising Disclosures on Investor INformation Processing and Decision Making. Journal of Services Marketing. 27(2), 
Saffer, A. J., Sommerfeldt E. J., & Taylor M. (2013).  The effects of organizational twitter interactivity on organization- public relationships. Public Relations Review. 39, 213- 215.
Ickowitz, T., & Palenchar M. J. (2013).  Emergency text messaging systems and higher education campuses: Expanding crisis communication and chaos theory.
Cho, M., & De Moya M. (2013).  Empowerment as a key construct for understanding public relations' potential for community building. International Communication Association.
Beheshti, J., Cole C., Kuhlthau C. C., & Bilal D. (2013).  Enabling systems for inquiry-based learning. Proceedings of the 76 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.
Jin, B., Cho M., & De Moya M. (2013).  Explaining the impact of organizational social capital on transparency and trust. The Korean Journal of Advertising and Public Relations. 15(2), 
Hoy, M G. (2013).  "Exploring Eyetracking for Marketing and Public Policy Research" . Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
Lee, S., Park E., & Cho M. (2013).  Exploring factors affecting tablet PC users' intention to purchase mobile applications: An extension of the UTAUT model. International Communication Association.
Chan-Olmsted, S., Cho M., & Yim M. (2013).  Exploring the role of social network sites in media brand relationship. Media management and social business: Value chain and business models in changing media markets. 735-748.
Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Mark A. (2012).  The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation on the Consumers Perception of Advertisers' Intention. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. 33(2), 
Taylor, M., Saffer A. J., & Sommerfeldt E. J. (2012).  The Effects of Organizational Twitter Interactivity Organization- Public Relationships. International Communication Association (ICA).
Palenchar, M. J., & Freberg K. (2012).  Emergency management planning: Risk, crisis, issues and social media. Pre-crisis planning, communication and management: Preparing for the inevitable. 147- 170.
Lee, T., Haley E., & Yun T. Woong (2012).  An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Financial Services Advertising on Investor' Decisions. American Academy of Advertising.
Lee, S., & Cho M. (2012).  An empirical study of micro-blogging: Integrated model for Twitter adoption. Pacific Telecommunication Council.
Zhu, X. (2012).  The Evolution of Access Rights to Digital Legal Information: A Case Study. International Perspectives on the History of Information Science and Technology: Proceedings of the ASIS&T 2012 Pre-Conference on the History of ASIS&T and Information Science and Technology (Baltimore, MD, October 27, 2012).. 138-148.
Zhu, X. (2012).  “The Evolution of Access Rights to Digital Legal Information: A Case Study.”. The 2012 Annual Conference of Library and Information Science Education, Dallas, TX, January 17-20, 2012..
Hoy, M G., Childers C. C., & Morrison M. (2012).  The evolution of self- regulation in food advertising: An analysis of CARU cases from 2000- 2010. International Journal of Advertising. 31(2), 
Palenchar, M. J., & Veil S. (2012).  Evolving uses of social media during a food crisis.
Kim, J. (2012).  Experience Effects on Interactivity: Functions, Processes, and Perceptions. (Spielmann, N., Ed.).Journal of Business Research. 65(11), 
Mehra, B., Potnis D., & Morden J. (2012).  An Exploratory Study of the Nature and Composition of Current Library and Information Science Programs in Indian State Universities. Perspectives in International Librarianship. 2012(1), 
Imre, I., & White C. (2012).  Exploring the Liberal Model of Journalism in Croatia. College of Communication and Information Research Symposium.
Shaw, A. S., Kotowski M. R., Boster F. J., Levine T. R., & Steele K. A. (2011).  The effect of prenatal sex hormones on verbal aggression. International Communication Association.
Park, S., Fall L. T., Kotowski M. R., & Angle M. (2011).  The Effectiveness of a Dialogic Relationship on the Military-Public Relationship. Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Lee, Y J., Lee G., Shoi M-L., & Haley E. (2011).  The Effects of Self- Construal on Attribute-Focused versus Context-Focused Advertising Messages. American Academy of Advertising.
Lee, S., & Cho M. (2011).  An Empirical Analysis of Social Media Use: Examination of Determinants of Attitude toward and Use of Twitter and Facebook. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Carpentier, F., Childers C. C., Fondren W., Miron D., Oppliger P., Raney A., et al. (2011).  Empowering and enabling people: Contribution by Jennings Bryant Part II. International Communication Association.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  "E-Publishing in the Academy: Self Publishing Textbooks, Novels, Journals, and More: How to do it; Should we do it?".
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2011).  "Ethiopian Dialogue: Merging Theory and Praxis in Journalism Training". The Annual Academic Conference of The Internatinal Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2011).  Evolving Rural Radio in Liberia: Challenges and Opportunities for Paricipatory Empowerment. International Association of Media and Communication Researchers (IAMCR).
Haigh, M., Brubaker P., & Whiteside E. (2011).  Examining how organizations, facebook pages impact perceptions of CSR and organization-public relationships. . International Communication Association.
Taylor, M., & Doerfel M. L. (2011).  Examining the Inter Organizational Relationships that Build Civil Society: Evidence from Zagreb, Croatia. International Association of Media and Communication Researchers (IAMCR).
Heath, R. L., Taylor M., & Palenchar M. J. (2011).  "External rhetoric and public relations".