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Paquette, M., Sommerfeldt E. J., & Kent M. L. (2015).  Do the Ends Justify the Means? Dialogue, development communication, and deontological ethics. Public Relations Review. 41(1), 
Avery, E. J., & Park S. (2015).  Effects of crisis efficacy on intentions to follow directive sduring crisis. . International Communication Association.
White, C., Nielsen A., & Valentini C. (2015).  Exploring CSR Communication Research in the Fashion and Apparel Industry: A Quantitative and Qualitative Review of Existing Literature. CSR Communication Conference.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Financial Inclusion in India, 2015.
Kent, M. L. (2015).  "The fourth persona: Transcending the toolmaker's paradigm". International Communication Association (ICA).
Taylor, M., & Saffer A. J. (2015).  Helping Students Help Themselves. Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2015).  I only have eyes for YouTube: Motives for political use. Journal of Social Media Studies. 1(2), 91-104.
Graham, M., & Avery E. J. (2015).  Investigating Citizens' Communicaiton Preferences from Their Local Governments through a situational Theory Lens. . National Communication Association.
Graham, M., & Avery E. J. (2015).  Local government- citizen relationships: Using the coorientational approach to analyze the effectiveness of the relationship. International Communication Association.
Yang, A., & Taylor M. (2015).  Looking over, looking out, and moving forward: A network ecology framwork to position public relations in communication theory. Communication Theory. 25, 91- 115.
Palenchar, M. J., Heath R. L., Levenshus A., & Lemon L. (2015).  Marketplace commodification of risk communicaton: Consequences for risk bearers and implications for public relations.
Potnis, D., & Deosthali K. (2015).  A Practitioner’s Guide for Libraries to Invest in Mobile Applications and Mobile Sites.
White, C. (2015).  Public Diplomacy and Corporrate Communications: Interplay and INfluence on National Identity and Image.. International Studies Association.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2015).  Reasons to believe: Comparing the influence of reliance and gratifications on credibility of social networks. Computers in Human Behavior. 50, 544-555.
Avery, E. J., Graham M., & Park S. (2015).  The role of social media in local government crisis communicaitons. Public Relations Review. 41(3), 
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2015).  Site effects: How reliance on social media influences confidence in the government and news media. Social Science Computer Review. 33(2), 127-144.
Park, J. Seong, & Hoy M G. (2015).  "Tapping into Simmons OneView: A Method for Deconstructing Aggregate Data for Advertising Research". Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. 36(2), 
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2015).  "Towards Legitimacy and Professionalism: A Call to Repeal the Gillett Amendment". National Communication Association (NCA).
Park, J. H., & McMillan S. J. (2015).  Typology of Online Brand Communities: An Examination of South Korean Automobile Online Brand Communities. Journal of Promotion Management. 21(2), 143- 162.
White, C., Nielsen A., & Valentini C. (2015).  Unfolding CSR Discourses in the Fashion Industry.. International Communication Association.
Hank, C., Lasley N., Zhu X., Shireman K.., & Kirkpatrick C.. N. (2015).  What We Teach: An Assessment of Graduate-Level Digital Curation Syllabi.. The iPRES 2015 Proceedings.
White, C., Ingenhoff D., & Klein S. (2015).  Why Relationship Management Matters: Impact of OPR and Crisis Response Strategies on Perceived Crisis Responsibility.. International PR Conference.
White, C. (2014).  The Building Blocks of Country Reputation: How Corporate Communication Helps Brand Countries.. International Communication Association.
Cho, M., Schweickart T.. L., & Darm L. (2014).  Communicating CSR on social media: Strategies, main actors, and public engagement on corporate Facebook. Public Relations Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Heins, W., & Palenchar M. J. (2014).  Communicating risk: Student awareness o fand response to Clery Act communications. International PR Conference.
Avery, E. J. (2014).  Communicating with Funding Sources. College of Communication and Information Annual Research Symposium.
Heath, R. L., & Palenchar M. J. (2014).  Community relations and risk communications: A longitudinal study of the impact of emergency response messages . Journal of Public Relations Research. 12(2), 131- 161.
White, C., & Radic D. (2014).  Comparative Public Diplomacy: Message Strategies of Countries in Transition. Public Relations Review. 40,
Ahn, A. H. Y., Park J. Seong, & Haley E. (2014).  Consumers' Optimistics bias and Responses to Risk Disclosures in Direct-to-Clonsumer (DTC) Prescription Drug Advertising: The Moderating Role of Subjective Health Literacy. Journal of Consumer Affairs. 48(1), 
Cho, M., & Kelly K.. S. (2014).  Corporate Donor-Charitable Organization Partners: A Coorientation Study of Relationship Types. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 43(4), 
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2014).  Credibility of social network sites for political information. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 19(4), 
McMillan, S. J., Adams B., & Curry D. (2014).  Cross- Campus Partnerships for Developing/ Continuous Improving Student Success Programs. Institue for Student Service Professionals (ISSP).
Harmon, M., Hovland R., & Park J. Seong (2014).  Cultivating Consumers Not Citizens: A Cross-Atlantic Comparison of the Affluenza Hypotheses. European Communication Research and Education Association, Lisbon.
Kent, M. L., & Saffer A. J. (2014).  A Delphi study of the future of new technology research in public relations. Public Relations Review. 40(4), 
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Dialogic Engagement as a Foundational Concept in the Practice of Public Relations. Journal of Public Relations Research. 26(5), 
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Dialogic engagement: Clarifying foundational concepts. Journal of Public Relations Research. 26, 384- 398 .
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  "Dialogic Engagement: Explicating Foundational Public Relations Concept". International Communication Association (ICA).
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "Dialogic Theory and Public Relations".
Cho, M. (2014).  Donor empowerment: Enhancing nonprofit-donor relationships and donors' supportive behavior. International Communication Association .
Lee, J., & Haley E. (2014).  The Effects of Persuasion Knowledge on Consumer Responses to Green Advertising: Focus on Skepticism as Moderator. American Academy of Advertising.
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2014).  "Engagement as theory, strategy, and practice: Communication, interaction and connection".
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Engaging for change: Exploring social media in social change. International Communication Association (ICA).
Taylor, M. (2014).  Engaging for change: Exploring social media in social change. International Communication Association (ICA).
Taylor, M. (2014).  Ethical Convergence, Divergence or Evolution? An Examination of Public Relations and Journalism Codes of Ethics. National Communication Association (NCA).
Sohn, H., Jin B., & Cho M. (2014).  Examination of influential factors of tablet PC use: An application of theory of pllaned behavior and technology acceptance model. Journal of Communication Science. 24(4), 
Avery, E. J., Graham M., & Park S. (2014).  Exploring Crisis Type and Effects of Planning, Magnitude, and Citizen Satisfaction on Local Government Officials' Evaluations of Crisis Management . International Communication Association.
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "Extending social media theory: Our past provides a pathway to the future" .
Hoy, M G., & Levenshus A. (2014).  "Familiarity: Friend or Foe? Insights from Retroactive Think Aloud Eye Tracking Interviews on Reading Risk Information on an Rx Drug Website". Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
McMillan, S. J. (2014).  Gesundheitskommunikation und das Internet: Gesundheits- Websites auf dem Prufstand (Health Communication and the Internet: Health Website Put to the Test). Gesundheitskommunikation. 487- 504.
Harmon, M., & Bates B. J. (2014).  Global News on the Cheap: Options for PSM to Expand Global News Coverage.. RIPE@2014 - Public Service Media Across Boundaries.