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2019 SCI Summit - Washington, D.C.


SCI Summit-DC

June 25 - 27, 2019

How do we keep scientific cyberinfrastructure (SCI), which are the “roads and bridges” for scientific inquiry, healthy and accessible for future generations?

SCI Summit Report (PDF)

SCI Summit in Washington, DC will challenge members of the scientific cyberinfrastructure (SCI) ecosystem to build insight into how funders and researchers are approaching scientific cyberinfrastructureand provide outcomes that can inform national level policy to better support SCI into the future.

Approaching sustainability from the societal perspective, SCI Summit will provide the perfect space to foster the cogeneration of knowledge by sharing experiences, identifying challenges, and noting successes. This will be a unique opportunity to network, listen, and learn from fellow expert funders in the SCI community as we outline the gaps that exist between those who sponsor SCI, those who govern SCI, those who build SCI, and those who use SCI.

Location: Loft at 600F (600 F Street NW, Washington, DC)


June 25 from 9am-5pm: the Summit brings together federal agency partners, government SCI policy-makers, and funders to discuss their definition of and vision for SCI as a component of scientific discovery and engine for innovation and commercialization.

June 26 from 9am-5pm: the Summit brings together those experts who are building SCI including researchers, associations, developers, and users to discuss their conception of SCI, their role in supporting scientific and technological advances, and their vision for SCI.

June 27 from 9am-12pm: we invite all participants to return and learn about the concepts discovered from the previous days and explore what bridges and gaps exist in understandings about definitions, purposes, and long-term goals for SCI.

For more information, contact Dr. Suzie Allard, Chancellor’s Professor, CCI Board of Visitors Professor, College of Communication & Information, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

SCI Summit Overview 

SCI is “the distributed computer, information and communication technologies combined with the personnel and integrating components that provide a long-term platform to empower the modern scientific research endeavor” (Atkins et al., 2003). Researching and developing SCI expands the capabilities of communication and networking technologies, supports scientific inquiry, and creates new possibilities for scientific discovery, national security, and commerce. SCI projects are facing sustainability challenges as external financial support is finite and economic models for SCI as a public good are not established.

This SCI Summit is unique from other sustainability-focused activities because it uses a modified Delphi study approach in a concentrated time span to build insight into how funders and researchers are approaching SCI and to provide outcomes that can inform national level policy to better support SCI into the future. 

Outcomes from the Summit include a report that looks at these gaps and bridges to examine:

  • existing SCI projects for technological, sociological, and economic uniqueness in order to evaluate projects from computer science, information science, and data governance perspectives. The product of this inquiry is to develop a framework to assess the components within this dynamic SCI environment and better understand how linkages should be fostered.
  • the role of policy in affecting SCI project sustainability and commercialization. SCI projects face the fundamental challenge of being seen both as R&D projects whose main goal is to develop new technology and knowledge about communications and computing technology, while also being a fundamental support structure of the scientific enterprise. The objective is to inventory policies that impact SCI sustainability and commercialization and develop strategies that build on these policies.
  • opportunities for sustaining and commercializing contemporary SCI projects and identify the remaining problems and needs of the SCI users including researchers, project managers, and policymakers.

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Participation is sponsored by DataONE (National Science Foundation awards #1430508), as part of the project’s mission to understand the socio-technical aspects of a healthy SCI ecosystem.