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Institutional Review Board Information

Quick Submission Information

When you have your IRB protocol ready for an initial review, send it to If you are a student, review the protocol with a faculty advisor BEFORE this initial submission.

Member(s) of the departmental review committee will provide feedback on your electronic submission.  Based on that feedback, make changes.  Then print out a hard copy of the IRB protocol and sign it (also get your advisor's signature if you are a student). 

Bring the signed form to the Center for Information & Communication Studies (Communications 421).  CICS staff will get the remaining signatures for you and will track progress of the protocol through the review process.

The following sections provide more information about College and University procedures for the protection of Human Subjects.  See checklist for a quick overview.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

The Office of Research & Engagement has partnered with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program to allow UT Knoxville affiliated researchers the opportunity to participate in online research ethics education.  Faculty and graduate students can use this link to register for CITI certification:  In the near future, all researchers who use human subjects will be required to have this certification. More information about CITI can be found at

IRB FAQS & Guides - the what and why of reviews

CCI IRB Procedures

UT IRB Resources

The UT Office of Research Compliance site provides a number of additional links and guides.

UT IRB Forms

UT IRB Document Samples